We don’t have branches, But do have the answers…

Zenus Bank is not responsible for subscription services. If you use your account information for any subscription, ensure you find an alternate payment method before canceling your Zenus account.


If not, please contact Client Services

To change your registered phone number, complete the following steps: 

1- Login to the app and press the button at the right side of the Dollar icon ($).  
2- Press the pencil icon next to your current phone number in the contact information section 
3- Fill in your new phone number and press the “send code” button.  
5- For your security purposes, complete the verification process.  
6- Find the verification code in your text message inbox and enter the code in the app.  

Completing this process will allow you to complete the change. 

If not, please contact Client Services

To set up your online banking account you can follow the instructions below: 
   Downloading our app: 

  • You can search for Zenus app in your google play for Android or apple store for IOS. 
  • As soon you have the Zenus application downloaded, opened and press the cross (+) icon ubicated in the bottom at the right after “I don’t have an account”. 
  • Please fill out all questions correctly, the process can take 10 minutes approximately.  

If not, please contact Client Services