We don’t have branches, But do have the answers…

If you're not able to find the answer you need in our Support section you can leave us a message or email us at clientservices@zenus.com.    

 Or if you'd rather speak with you can reach Zenus Client Services on: + 1-787-936-1111  



Alternatively, we have toll free numbers available for the following countries:  

Toll-free numbers 

Columbia:  +01-800-519-0544 

United Kingdom:  +0800-066-8147 

Spain: +900-95-3449 

Argentina:  +0800-345-1544  

Brazil: +0800-891-3584 

Mexico: +800-872-0669 

Germany:  +0800-181-0372 

France: +0800-94-5791 

US: +833-936-8711 


Lines are open Mon-Fri 9:00 am-6:00 pm AST.  

For digital concierge and emergency card services please call Visa:  

US or Canada: +1-800-396-9665 (Toll-free)  

Any other country: 303-967-1098 (Collect calls via operator)  

Lines are open 24x7x365 and support Spanish, English & Portuguese. 


If not, please contact Client Services

If you can't remember the email address you used to create your Zenus account you can find it within your app or online banking. 

To locate your email address, tap the silhouette icon next to the dollar sign ($) to get to your settings. Alternatively, search your mailbox for 'Zenus' to see if you've received an email to that account from us. 

If not, please contact Client Services

You may see the error message “One or more of the details you entered is incorrect" while completing an online account application. The most likely reason for you have incorrectly entered some of your details, such as your passport or date of birth, or the details do not match those provided on your passport or other supporting documents. Please check over all the details you have entered again. 

If this doesn't solve the issue please contact Client Services, selecting the this link will direct you to our inquiry form. Be sure to provide the required information on the form and select the following topic "Enquiry about an account application". 


If not, please contact Client Services