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If your account stays Dormant for a continuous period of five (5) years or more, it will be permanently closed, and any funds will be transferred to Puerto Rico's Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions. Please note that Zenus Bank will not take responsibility for any unclaimed funds.

To ensure that your account remains Active, simply log in to the Zenus Bank app regularly.

If not, please contact Client Services

We are unable to reopen an account once it has been closed. If you would like to open a new account with a new account number, please start a new application. You will be asked to submit documentation to update our files.

If not, please contact Client Services

We never like to lose a member, but you will be able to close your account at any time.  If you've chosen to do so, we will help you with your request. 

Only the account holder can close an account, to close your Zenus account you must contact our Client Service by Phone. One of our agents will guide you in the process of closing your account.  

As part of the process of closing your account, You will need to complete an Account Closure Request Form to instruct us to close an account. Before closing your Zenus Bank account please remember to verify that you don’t have any pending transactions. Be aware that Zenus Bank is not responsible for any missed payment, pending transactions, or charges that could not be completed due to the closing of your account.

It is free to close an account if there are no funds remaining in it.​
An admin fee of $25.00 is payable if funds remain on the account and we must transfer them. We recommend clients transfer money out before closing an account.

Important note:
Zenus Bank can close an account at any time if the client or their transactions represent a risk to the bank or unusual activity is detected. 


If not, please contact Client Services