We don’t have branches, But do have the answers…

It's free and easy to fund your Zenus account using:

1. A Zen transfer from another Zenus member

2. An automatic clearing house (“ACH”) payment

3. A SWIFT or wire transfer

Zenus will not accept or process check deposits or cash deposits for funding accounts. Some banks may change you to send funds, but we do not charge you to receive them. 

If not, please contact Client Services

You can apply for Zenus membership with our iOS and Android apps and can use our Online Banking to log in to your account on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Online banking can be used to make payments or deposits, check balances or change your details. 





If not, please contact Client Services

If you can't remember the email address you used to create your Zenus account you can find it within your app or online banking. 

To locate your email address, tap the silhouette icon next to the dollar sign ($) to get to your settings. Alternatively, search your mailbox for 'Zenus' to see if you've received an email to that account from us. 

If not, please contact Client Services

You cannot open a Zenus account using your Facebook or Google account because more information is needed to open an account. You can apply for a Zenus account using the app or via our website.

If not, please contact Client Services

If you forgot your password, you can reset it on the Zenus application.  To recover your password, go to the Zenus application and click "Forgot your password", enter your email address and click "Recover password", then you should receive a temporary password to the email provided to log in. Please remember to change the temporary password as soon as you have logged in. 

If you didn’t get the email with the temporary password, it may be that you didn’t provide the right email. Try again with the email provided during the account opening process, double check for any typos and fix them before trying again. Finally, make sure you check the right email inbox you provided, as well as the spam folder.


If not, please contact Client Services